Update: Marvel Future Fight Teases Playable Hellcat for 2.9.5

It’s been nearly a month since mobile game giant Netmarble released their 2.9 Inhumans update for Marvel Future Fight, and now they’ve teased a new character for the 2.9.5 update.

In their 2.9.5 update “leak,” they tease that lone-wolf Private Investigator Jessica Jones has one of her very few friends coming to join her in the fight against evil, and it’s up to us to figure out who the shadowy figure may be.

Without a doubt it’s the silhouette of Patsy “Hellcat” Walker.  Her monthly comic book series is still running strong, and as a long-time friend of Jessica Jones it definitely makes sense.  In addition, as a fellow member of the Defenders, she’s appeared on Netflix’s Jessica Jones, had a vocal cameo on Luke Cage, and there’s even a small chance Patsy Walker may show up on the Netflix upcoming Defenders tie-in Iron Fist that airs in a couple weeks.

The only other thing Netmarble has teased with this update is some changes to the recently implemented Uniform Upgrade System.  We’ll be watching for more Marvel Future Fight news as it comes in and keep readers posted as it does. So, still waiting another usefull information about games? I guess so, then it is for you who love play 8 ball pool game, I got this one for you hope you can enjoy and fun with this 8 ball pool hack that can be generate coins and cash as much as you need.